Looking for a talented knowledge expert to speak at your next conference or corporate training event?

Speaker selection is one of the most important elements in planning a successful meeting. You want a professional speaker who is engaging and entertaining, but who will also give your conference attendees practical takeaways they can apply in work and life.


Nikita Devereaux is a Professional Speaker, Corporate Trainer and Lean Certified Productivity Consultant who inspires companies and individuals to LIVE & WORK smarter – through the application of virtual teams and technologies.

A passionate and dynamic speaker, Nikita’s unique blend of innovative ideas, practical experience and real-world examples will ensure that your next conference, workshop or training event is an uplifting and educational yet, entertaining experience!

Nikita gives it to you straight – with bold statements, relevant examples and colorful stories that ensure attendees walk away not just inspired, but also committed to taking next steps.

Practical. Real-World. Engaging. Nikita’s keynote speaking presentations have helped audiences across the country enhance leadership & management skills and increase productivity in their work and life.

Now it’s your turn!

You can leverage Nikita’s expertise as a Keynote Speaker for your next meeting or conference, a Lean Champion to help you introduce or reinforce Lean Office principles in your business processes or a Webinar Leader for online training.

Call toll-free 1.888.814.9800 today to invite Nikita to speak at your next conference, workshop or corporate training event.